Intermediate Programme


Intermediate Programme

09:40 - 26-12-2014
  • "Intermediate Programme" is divided into 2 levels following: 

+ The first level is characterized by 3 years of training and admission of graduates from junior high schools (grade 9)

+ The second level features 2 years of training and admission of graduates from high schools (grade 12)

Naturally, the latter is two-year College Programme.

  • The knowledge volume in that two-year period is not High school’s but Post high school’s, also University’s. The European calls this level Technical College. Intermediate Programme of HUBT is considered two-year College Programme. This program selects what is the most essential and practical in Bachelor Programme of the same majors. The volume of knowledge and professional skills in Intermediate Programme accounts for 2/3 compared to Bachelor Programme’s. Therefore, graduates will have enough qualifications to take on works.
  • Students are well-trained regarding Applied Informatics in the same way as Bachelors and Colleges. A graduate is a professional accountant, a trade specialist, also a computer technician. Nowadays, people no longer carry out accounting by a ballpoint pen but a computer, they buy and sell thousands of items everyday without writing but using a computer.
  • With the above knowledge and skills, Intermediate Programme is not only a part of Bachelor Programme but also the most essential parts or functional parts.
  • Graduates from Intermediate Program with good and excellence certificates are elligible for College or Bachelor Programme as stipulated by Ministry of Education and Training
  • It is recommended that you should not consider Intermediate Programme "easier" than Bachelor Programme. Learning period is only half, but knowledge and skills are same as Bachelor Programme’s. If students do not take their studies seriously, it is difficult to "master" knowledge.      
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