Bachelor of Accounting - Auditing


Bachelor of Accounting - Auditing

10:08 - 26-12-2014



Bachelor of Accounting – Auditing provides Accounting-Auditing Experts with following qualifications: professionals in all areas of accounting - auditing and related financial sectors; ability to take on accounting, auditing business, and chief accountants (or Accounting - Finance Manager) in enterprises of all types of business entities as well as public accounting units; foreign languages and computer skills


Number of Credits
I. General Education9
1. Philosophy3
2. Ho-Chi-Minh Thought3
3. Revolutionary Strategies of Communist Party of Vietnam3
II. Professional Education171
a. Basic knowledge24
1. Economics of Marxism and Leninism6
2. Microeconomics, Macroeconomics6
3. Statistics3
4. Management Science3
5. Economic Law (I, II)6
b. Fundamental knowledge87
1. Theory of Finance and Money3
2. Accounting Postulate3
3. Corporate Finance6
4. Enterprise Accounting (Financial Accounting 1)6
5. Production Accounting (Financial Accounting 2)6
6. Commercial Accounting (Financial Accounting 3)6
7. Managerial Accounting3
8. Financial Analysis of Business Operations3
9. Public Finance3
10. Public Accounting3
11. Tax3
12. Tax Accounting3
13. Bank Accounting3
14. Computerized Accounting3
15. Organizing Accounting Business and Accounting Apparatus3
16. Accounting Law and Accounting Standard (Vietnamese and International)3
17. Fundamental Auditing3
18. Financial Report Auditing3
19. Operation Auditing and Compliance Auditing3
20. Auditing Law and Auditing Standard (Vietnamese and International)3
21. Insurance3
22. International Money and International Payment3
23. Financial Market3
24. Financial Mathematics3
25. Communication, Negotiation Skills3
c. Complementary knowledge45
1. Computer Skills21
2. Foreign languages (English)24
d. Final Practicum and Graduation Thesis15

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