Constructive Engineer


Constructive Engineer

10:13 - 24-12-2014



Constructive Engineer provides Civil Engineers with professionals in civil and industrial construction. Graduates are capable of undertaking following tasks:
- Design civil and industrial constructions; Estimate work construction.
- Direct construction; Supervise construction; Draw completion and draw work balance sheet.


Number of Credits
I. General Education21
1. Basic Principles of Marsism-Leninism (I, II)6
2. Ho-Chi-Minh Thought3
3. Revolutionary Strategies of Communist Party of Vietnam3
4. Physical Education6
5. National Defense Education3
II. Professional Education219
a. Basic knowledge24
1. Advanced Mathematics (I, II, III)9
2. Physics (I, II)6
3. Mechanicals (I, II)6
4. Hydraulic3
b. Fundamental knowledge132
1. Strength of Material (I, II)6
2. Mechatronics of Structures (I, II)6
3. Soil Mechatronics3
4. Engineering Geology3
5. Descriptive Geomety, Technical Drawing6
6. Building Materials6
7. Electrical – Electronics Engineering3
8. Structural Dynamics (I, II)6
9. Work Steadiness3
10. Work Surveying6
11. Water Supply and Drainage3
12. Principles of Panning and Architectural Design3
13. Civil Architecture and Industrial Architecture3
14. Building Physics and Building Environment3
15. Steel Construction(I, II)9
16. Reinforced Concrete Structure (I, II)9
17. Wood Structure, Masonry Structure3
18. Engineering Ground (I, II)9
19. Construction Machine3
20. Construction Engineering6
21. Construction Organization3
22. Labor Safety, Fire Protection3
23. Numerical Methods in Structural Calculations3
24. Software Usage in Structural Calculations3
25. Construction Economics3
26. Management Science3
27. Construction Corporate Finance3
28. Accounting Postulate. Construction Accounting3
29. Financial Analysis of Business Operations3
30. Construction Law3
31. Project Management3
c. Complementary knowledge48
1. Computer Skills24
2. Foreign Languages (English)24
d. Final Practicum and Graduation Thesis15

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